Debunking Evolution: The Beginning of Life

In all the previous articles, I took the time going over the main weaknesses of macro-evolution. However, the situation for macro-evolution becomes even worse when we look at the origins. Mainly, the origins of life, if we choose to consider them.

Because scientists have no idea. As is explained here, a single cell—the simplest life known to man—is incredibly complicated. And the question of where they came from still confounds scientists. How is the jump made from non-living matter, to living matter? It’s a question that no one can answer.

And many macro-evolutionists openly admit it, much to their credit. Of course, though, they have a theory on the matter known as Abiogenesis: The process by which living organisms arise naturally from non-living matter. This is woefully close to spontaneous generation which is defined as: The theory that organisms can arise directly from nonliving material.

Many macro-evolutionists will have a heart attack at the idea of abiogenesis and spontaneous generation being equated. But the facts are that the two ideas are irrevocably tied together, and pretty much every dictionary I could find did, indeed, equate them.


Of course, we know that spontaneous generation was discredited by Louis Pasteur, but this doesn’t stop abiogenesis from being well thought of in the scientific community. Basically then, here’s the point: Life had to have come into existence somehow, according to both scientists and religions. And if life was not ‘created’, then it had to come about ‘naturally’—or, in other words through abiogenesis.

So here’s the thing, read about how cells function—either through the hyperlink above, or through some biology work—then decide for yourself if you think it could have developed from a primordial soup. Of course, no matter how it’s phrased abiogenesis and spontaneous generation are the same thing. That’s just the English language. Sorry if you don’t agree.

Lastly, the definition of faith is typically the belief in something, even if there isn’t really any definite proof. And since there is no example of biogenesis we know of and the evidence is doubtful, at best, it means that atheists too have faith. Faith in a concept that is not proven.

After all, we all have to believe in something.


2 thoughts on “Debunking Evolution: The Beginning of Life

  1. EXCELLENT!!!! Quite thought provoking and really spot on. Now who could argue with faith???? It’s just ones choice in what……….


  2. Oh one more thought there are those who choose not to think at all. Let’s just call them the blanks of society who like to push their non-points to nothing but angst.


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