The Greatest Story: The Bible Part 1

Almost everyone on the face of the earth is familiar with the Bible. It’s estimated that over 5 billion copies of the Bible are in existence—making it easily the bestselling book of all times. That’s not far south of the number of people in the world, equaling somewhere around 70% of the worlds population. And on a yearly basis, the Bible consistently outsells every other book, selling a mind numbing 100 million copies every year—at least! That’s more bibles sold every year than the earth’s population increases!

So what is it about the Bible? Many people think it’s a book of proverbs and ideas—and it is that. Many people think it teaches you how to get to heaven, or how to be good. And it does that too.

But the Bible is more. It is a story. A story above all stories, and despite having been written been written by 40 different authors over 1600 years, it is a remarkable story. A story so complex and so consistent that as an author and a story teller, it boggles my mind. It’s filled with twists and turns, but with a message so powerful that it permeates every passage and every verse historical and proverbial alike.

It’s the ultimate journey. This new series is going to go through the Bible and examine the story, the consistency, the idea and the truth. Because the Bible is far more than just a book filled with directions on how to live, a book filled with proverbs, or a history book. It is a story of the thread that has tied all history together. A story of love and hope. Faith and doubt. Sacrifice and death.

A story of victory. Victory for the entire world. It answers the ultimate question of whether good will indeed prevail, or if evil will prevail. See, in the end, the Bible is the ultimate story from which all others borrow. It is above them all.

It’s quite an incredible book. Quite an incredible journey. It will leave you breathless with anticipation and wordless in wonder at the amazing conclusion. It’s the journey of a life time, and in the next post we start at the beginning.

At the Genesis.


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