The Greatest Story Part 2: The Fall

In the beginning, God created everything. The universe came into existence at his command and it was good. Perfect and in harmony. Death, discomfort and sadness did not exist. The first man and the first woman—Adam and Eve—lived in a state of complete contentedness with all of creation.

But God had created Adam and Eve with freewill. The will to choose between rebellion and obedience. And when tempted by the serpent to take an apple from a forbidden tree, they chose to rebel. They chose pride and they attempted to become like God.

That is where our story begins.

Because at that moment, sin entered the world. Perfection became imperfection. In their rebellion, Adam and Eve had forfeited everything they had. God, in his complete justice could not leave sin unpunished. Indeed, the price for the rebellion was death. God had told them so.

In that dark moment, when it seemed as if mankind and God could never be reunited; when it seemed that we would die in our sins, hopeless and sinful, God made a prophecy. He said to the serpent:

“And I will put enmity
between you and the woman,
and between your offspring and hers;
he will crush your head,
and you will strike his heel.”

The serpent would be punished and ultimately fail. And the woman’s offspring—her seed—would kill him, but not without being hurt. It was the first prophecy for a savior. A savior to fix what Adam and Eve had broken. To destroy the serpent and to make all good again.

So, instead of killing Adam and Eve, God made the first sacrifices. He killed two animals in their place and used the animals skins to cover Adam and Eve. But it was a temporary sacrifice: The blood of animals could not atone for the sins of humans, only cover their sins. An other way would have to be found: the prophesied savior.

And God cast Adam and Eve out of his presence. To live awaiting their savior and the day they would be reunited with God in perfection.

But until then, they would have to deal with the consequences of their sin, and suffer as they struggled to survive.


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