Scientists Confront Creationism Book Review #1

Since I’m not an atheist and nor do I believe in macroevolution (a term any staunch adherent Darwinist thoroughly rejects, but one that nevertheless exists and is defined as the addition of information to the genome, while microevolution is within the confines of the genome already existent), I have chosen to read this book (Scientists Confront Creationism) out of curiosity and desire for knowledge. I want to understand the evolution side of the debate better. I’m a thorough believer that there are almost always two sides to a debate—not that both are right, but rather they each have a rationale which can and should be understood before one passes judgement.

As I read through this book, however, I intend to review each chapter and share my thoughts. An equivalent to a massive book review, but hopefully one beyond the typical scope of book reviews done for schools.

A few words about the introduction now: It is interesting that intelligent design is always condemned as unscientific as a precursor, when really this condemnation is meaningless and is only a way to degrade intelligent design. It contributes nothing to the argument, except perhaps the idea that we are only supposed to learn that which we can explain! Imagine if the studies of people were confined only to what we can explain through methodology, which naturalism is, how mankind would be.

Also, it should be noted, that the introduction openly admits that there are parts of science we don’t understand and may never understand, and then condemns intelligent design for its supernaturalism. Supernaturalism is simply the idea there are things we cannot understand and explain from our own limited logic. Not such a radical idea really, as it becomes very obvious the more one learns. From irrational numbers (which cannot be rationalized!) to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle—it’s rather obvious that our human logic falls very short in understanding our own world.

Lastly, to call intelligent design unscientific is unrealistic, as there are and always have been many incredible scientists who are students of the Bible.


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