Evaluating Transgender Claims

I’ve written about transgenders on this blog before, but with the new bathroom controversy, I think it’s time to go about it in more depth. To examine the issue more completely and come to conclusions based on logic. Let’s see if the ‘movement’ really stands up under scrutiny.

What really brought this to a head for me was carrying on a polite debate on twitter where I found there were some questions I couldn’t answer. So let’s get to the root of the matter: Transgenderism. A definition will help:

Transgender people are people who experience a mismatch between their gender identity or gender expression, and their assigned sex.

Which means, what, exactly? Basically, a person who feels like they were born in the wrong type of body with the wrong ‘assigned’ sex. As in: a man who feels like he should be a woman. Let’s break it down. What this definition and idea requires is that men and women are completely different in mind—because if they were the same (as many claim!) then there would be no discrepancy. In order for transgenderism to be a reality, it has to be admitted, first, that there is a difference between the sexes. Extreme feminism and transgenderism cannot both at once be believed.

But even more than this, transgenderism requires that there be an existence above and beyond the human body and our own physicality. A supernatural identity within us transcendent of our own body that defines us beyond physical make-up. Sorry atheists, that rules you out. Let’s follow it further, however. Not only does our identity to have to be outside of the natural world, but it would need to be definite, or defined. In other words, something would need to define that there was a difference between two different people; between male and female.

Let’s sum it up: Transgenderism requires not only a difference between men and women, but also a difference between individual identities and nature. Funny, that transgenderism is an undoubtedly individualistic idea in a movement concerned wholly with the community/society.

Still, transgenderism has neither been validated nor disproven in anyway, but we are in a considerably better position to make a determination. The interesting thing is that transgenderism has no claims to back it up. Really all we can do is take the transgender person’s word that they are indeed a male trapped in a female body, or vice versa. People can claim that there is scientific evidence one way or another, but the facts are scientists are split. See, while some claim there is research proving transgender brains are different, ‘different’ really doesn’t mean all that much. And different from what? To say that scientists fully understand the brain at this point is ludicrous. Besides, remember, male and female brains are the same, right? Which brings us right back to where we started: Absolutely nowhere.

In the end, the only thing used to define a transgender person is their own word and their own opinion about their gender identity. Whether you want to believe them is up to you, but keep in mind that if you do, you’re either admitting that men and women are different, or that mankind transcends its physicality. But seeing that mankind has been identifying within two genders since the beginning*, I think that those of us who decide to call the claims of the transgender community insane are quite justified! After all, with no evidence, how can we be expected to believe them? Many insane claims have been made throughout history; I find it quite fascinating that this one we’re expected to believe! And please explain what sets a man who doesn’t want his penis apart from a man who doesn’t want his leg? What sets transgenderism apart from apotemnophilia? If, as a society, we start to define our rules based on what people desire for them to be, then it will not be long before any semblance of order ceases exists. That is the reason why we cannot let transgender people define our rules. Because if they do, then there will be no rules.

My final world on it: It is not ‘hate’ to claim that transgender people are insane, not by any stretch of the imagination. As a matter of fact, it might be quite the opposite, when the physical and physiological evidence for its danger are taken into account.


*Go ahead and show me a time and place in history where men and woman were not existent in society!



5 thoughts on “Evaluating Transgender Claims

  1. They are insane let’s cut the PC junk! And yeah their brains are different because they are insane. See! Quite simple. So let’s just let insanity rule it is everywhere else these days…


    • I pray you get to know a transgender child. Really get to know him or her. You see my child at 3 yrs old was so dispondant and could not live life wearing girl cloths. He is a boy trapped in a girls body. He just turned 11 and let me tell you it is not about sexual orientation. As should be evident by his age. God doesnt make make mistakes!!!!!


      • John–a three year old does not understand the difference between a girl and a boy. I’m afraid that your are committing a grave sin by letting and guiding your girl down this path. The idea that a girl is trapped in a boy’s body is ludicrous. I will pray for both of you, that God may open your eyes and save both and your precious child.


  2. Although the article above only superficially touches on the underlying sexual response to the consideration of a change in biological sex, an article on the blog, Transgender Reality, explores the question, Is there such a thing as autogynephilia? When you address the question, you arrive at the genuine disorder which causes transsexual proclivities? The medical industry obscures the disorder intentionally to enable the industry of psychiatrists, psychologists and plastic surgeons to profit from people’s delusion that they are a member of the opposite sex, simply due to self-perception.

    Here is my response to the question, Is there such a thing as autogynephilia?


    Keep up the great work,
    G Eugene Pichler
    Transgression Film Studios

    Transgender Reality


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