Why I Will Vote for Trump (And you should too)

As the primaries unfolded, for the most part, I kept my mouth shut about which candidate I preferred, as this site is about conservatism and Christianity and not really about politics. However, now that the Republican candidate has been chosen, I feel it is time to express my views.

There are a lot of people who despise Trump, who think he is a liar, a cheater, a fool–and even a liberal. And I have to say that I actually agree with most of those descriptions for him. For a time, I had even considered joining the never Trump movement, mostly because of his weakness on abortion and homosexuality.

All of that said, however, I have decided to vote for Trump, and here is why. My vote might have gone to the Libertarian Party, had it been any one other than Gary Johnson, who is simply a liberal calling himself libertarian, and I can’t justify wasting a vote for someone I hardly agree with on a single issue anyway. What kind of integrity vote would that be?

There are other parties, but they have less of a chance to get anywhere than the Libertarian party does. Which really, leaves me with the option of not voting or voting for Trump.

So the question became, in my mind: How much worse than Trump is Hillary Clinton? The answer is that it depends on how much you believe what Trump has to say. But even if half of the things Trump claims he believes is true, than he is infinitely better than Hillary.

Here is the crux of the matter: If Hillary Clinton is death by fire, than Donald Trump is death by water. Well, at least, we can swim for a little while in water. Congress will never stand up to Clinton, but there is a chance that it will stand up to Trump (simply because he calls himself a conservative). Trump will have limits, Clinton will not.

Will Trump destroy conservatism? Maybe, but then Clinton will not only destroy conservatism, she will destroy the country and conservatives are not nearly strong enough to stand up to her. Don’t vote for Trump because he’s a conservative, vote for him if you want America to be here in four or five years. Vote for him if you don’t want to have to choose between dying and giving up your guns. Vote for him because you can float in water; in fire you die.

That’s why I now classify myself as this: #NeverHillary. Even if that means voting for a lying, obnoxious, self-focused moron.


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