Homosexuality: Is it natural?

There has been significant argument about whether homosexuality is natural. But first, the question has to be asked what ‘natural’ actually means. And the answer might surprise you. Natural is actually…


Russia Takes Steps to Defend the Traditional Family with a ‘Straight Flag’

Remember the flood of the rainbow flags? Well, Russia just unveiled its answer to it: The flag for straight people. It features two parents, a man and a woman, holding hands with their three children. Is Russia really being the voice of Christians across the globe?

Debunking a ‘Christian’ Defense of Homosexuals

Recently, I was looking about the web, when I came across a fairly disturbing website. It claimed to be Christian and yet, was willing to pull the Bible out of context and sought to twist the meaning of verses. And, perhaps the scariest part, was that the site targeted teens. Satan knows who to target.…