How many times have you heard that Politics should not be in the Pulpit? If you’re a Christian and you attend church…the chances are that you’ve heard it a lot. Here at CCL we don’t agree. Christian Conservative Life is a news site with the belief Christianity should define each and every aspect of your life.

Including politics. Because politics isn’t ‘just politics’. It decides how we live.

CCL’s mission is threefold:

  1. To report important news in America and around the world. Things that affect you–or should affect you.
  2. To help immature Christian’s grow and understand their beliefs–and understand Biblical conservatism. Enough of the mamby-pamby Christianity please–it’s not Biblical. It’s time Christians know what Christians believe.
  3. To prove that the Bible is more than just an old book. It is the Book written by hand of The Eternal God. Every word in it is important and none of it is ‘outdated’. If you’re a Christian you agree, if you don’t agree, follow along, and may be we’ll be able to prove it to you.

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